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Benross irons, longer and straighter!!!


Eddie Mitchell was in on Monday getting a fitting for the new Benross irons. Eddie has a short, compact swing and was looking for some extra yardage.

His own 7 iron

which was a Cobra Baffler (iron 1) carried 111 yards. We started by trying the HTX Gold iron which is a slightly lighter head fitted with a regular Kuro Kage shaft and that club delivered 120 yards (club 2), changing the flex of the shaft to A flex gave Eddie another 6 yards without sacrificing accuracy (club 3). To finish we swapped the HTX Gold head for the HTX Type R and fitted the Kuro Kage A flex (club 4) which gave Eddie a massive 18 yard gain over his own Cobra iron.

The Benross range really is a game changer, they deliver serious yardage which matches if not exceeds the bigger brands and all at a fraction of the cost.

17 YARD GAIN !!!!

Alfie Kane got fitted for a set of Benross Golf irons and after 30 minutes he left knowing

his new sets of irons will be delivering greater accuracy, stronger flight and greater distance.

The numbers speak for themselves. Club 1 - his own Hogan 7 iron - avg carry 144 Club 2 - Benross HTX 7 iron - avg carry 156 Club 3. - Benross R Type - avg carry 161

A 17 yard carry thanks to fitting the correct lie angle, shaft length, flex, grip size and head design.

These irons must cost an absolute fortune right?

Not at all its only £379 for a 7 iron R Type set and only £299 for the HTX irons.

Book your custom fit today (71311496) and see what properly fitting irons can do for your game.


More great gains thanks to the Benross Golf Type R irons. This time it was John McCallion from Strabane Golf Club who increased his 7 iron carry distance of 155 yards using his own Wilson Fatshafts to 177 yards with the HTX Type R, fitted with the KBS 105.

So you still don't believe that a set of irons for £379 or less can perform this well, then check out Rick Shiels latest review on YouTube -

Book your custom fit today and get your game moving in the right direction.

Sam Smallwoods

Head Professional

City of Derry Golf Club

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