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Whilst the cold and often wet winter weather conditions can take some of the enjoyment out of playing, the wintertime is the best time of the year to work hard on improving all aspects of your golf game.

When March arrives and golfers are looking forward to the season ahead, many have thoughts like “I’m going to reduce my handicap from 18 to 14” or “this year I’m going to practice more and get down from 12 to 9” these aspirations for the season ahead are fine but these objectives are set every year and how many of you end the season slightly disappointed?

Wintertime is when golfers should seek advice from a professional and have a series of lessons with the aim of helping you meet the goal of reducing your handicap.

The first step is to book your FREE assessment, this will allow me to get a better understanding of your game, we can then set out a plan on how best to get you golfing better.

We will prioritise what changes will help achieve the biggest improvement to certain aspects of your game, objectives will then be set; they need to be achievable and measured over a 1-3 month period in preparation for the start of the season in March/April.

All this can be done from the comfort and warmth of the teaching room in the shop.

Using the Skytrak launch monitor for data and ball flight, the GASP coaching software for video analysis and the Blast Motion 3D motion sensor to improve your putting, all the technology is available to help you reach your goals.

Lessons can be taken individually at a cost of £20 per 30 minutes or you can purchase a prepaid lesson pack, priced at £80 for 5 lessons or 10 for £155.

Remember the winter is not the time to down tools, come in and talk to me about what we can do together to get you playing better golf next season.

Telephone 02871311496

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