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With the weather so bad today and no one on the course, I thought I would do some club testing using the SkyTrak launch monitor to see just how some of the brands I sell, stack up against each other.

The four 7 irons I tested were :

Club 1 - Benross HTX Type R (loft 30 deg, stiff)

Club 2 - Benross HTX (loft 30.5 deg, stiff)

Club 3 - Ping G Series (30.5 deg, stiff)

Club 4 - Taylormade M2 (28.5 deg, regular)

SkyTrak settings - no wind - 21 degrees Celsius - firm conditions.

You would assume that the Benross irons, which cost a fraction of the price, would be left for dead by the more expensive Ping and Taylormade's, right? Read on to find out.

I hit 5 shots with each club and deleted the highest and lowest yardage for each club, the average yardage for the 4 irons was as follows :

Club 1 - Benross HTX Type R - 174 yards

Club 2 - Benross HTX - 170 yards

Club 3 - Ping G Series - 173 yards

Club 4 - Taylormade M2 - 178 yards

The winner was the Taylormade M2, but given the fact that it was at least 1.5 degrees stronger than the others, thats not really a surprise, what did surprise me that it had the highest flight of the four. Overall there wasn't much between all four irons, the Benross HTX R (£379) looked and felt good when set behind the ball and the Ping G Series felt the most solid when hit. The Benross HTX at only £300 for a custom fitted set from 5-SW wasn't that far behind the other 3 and pound for pound is probably the choice for the golfer looking for forgiveness, distance, custom build and working on a budget.

Why not call into the shop and have a look at the new ranges from Ping, Taylormade, Benross, Srixon and Cleveland and give them a try in the swing studio and see how they perform against your current irons.

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