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Custom Fitting

Golf equipment is no longer “one-size-fits-all”!

Whether you are a relative beginner or an accomplished player when it comes to buying new equipment custom fitting is a must.

The aim of a custom fitting session is to identify the clubs that will allow you to take full advantage of the current technologies in the golf market and help you maximise distance without sacrificing accuracy.


Maximising distance and accuracy requires optimisation of your launch and spin conditions. We track this using our SkyTrak launch monitor.  


The Custom Fitting Session

The session starts with a brief discussion of your game, your current equipment and what you wish to achieve with your new equipment.


Static Fit

We then complete a static fit. We measure your height, distance from your wrist to the floor and finally your hand size. These measurements give us a starting position from which to begin the dynamic fit.


Dynamic Fit

The dynamic fit entails selecting the correct:

  • Head style

  • Lie angle

  • Shaft (length, flex, kick point, torque)

  • Grip size

  • Set make up -for example, the choice of Utility clubs or long irons is dependent on very personal and individual skill and ability levels


Once we experiment with various club set ups we analyse the launch monitor data and select the clubs that will give the best results for YOU.


You will leave knowing the new clubs you have ordered give you the best opportunity to play to your true potential.


COST  - £25 irons or woods - £40 full fit irons and woods

Custom fit fee will be deducted from the price of the new equipment if ordered with 7 days of fitting. 



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