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Golf Lessons

Get One-on-One Individual golf tuition from one of our PGA golf coaches.

With the coach’s full attention you can really concentrate on those areas of your game that need improving.


Lessons can cover the following areas :

- putting

- chipping

- pitching

- long game

- course strategy


The use of video swing analysis software and launch monitor data will help you pinpoint your weaknesses as well as your strengths, giving you a better understanding of your swing and ball flight.


Lessons are available all year round and can be taken in either our indoor teaching room or on our grass practice area and short game facility.


Contact Sam at the Pro Shop (71311496) to discuss which lesson option/bundle is best for you.

2023/24 Lesson Prices


30 Minute Lesson - £25 

1 hour lesson - £45


30 Minute Shared Lesson (2 PEOPLE) - £30

1 Hour Shared Lesson (up to 4 people) - £50


60 Minute Playing Lesson - £70


5 x 30 Minute Lesson Pack - £100


10 x 30 Minute Lesson pack - £190



2023/24 Junior Lesson Prices


20 Minute Junior Lesson

(under 12 years of age) - £15


30 Minute Junior Lesson

(12 - 17 years of age) - £20


Junior 5 Lesson pack

Under 12 - £65

12 - 17 years of age - £80



Nail Your Numbers (45 minutes approx) - £30    CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS 


To maximize their scoring potential, Touring Professionals KNOW the yardages they hit the ball with every club in the bag. This makes it much easier for them to execute their game plans and allows them to be confident over each and every shot. The Nail Your Numbers session will give you this knowledge. 



Wedge it Tight (3 lesson pack)- £70    CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


This lesson bundle is designed to help you hit the ball closer to the hole with your wedges.

Most club golfers can’t accurately control the distance they hit their wedges, but employing a 4-swing wedge system will allow you to hit the ball closer to the hole more often.



Short Game Shot Saver (4 lesson pack) - £85      CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


This lesson bundle is designed to save you shots in and around the greens, which in turn will lower your scores.

After the end of the four sessions you will control your pitches better, roll the ball dead from the greenside, play bunker shots with confidence and hole more of them crucial putts.

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