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Flag golf is coming to City of Derry this summer.

So what is flag golf?

Flag golf is a competition format in which golfers begin the round of golf with an allocation of strokes, then play the golf course until their strokes run out.

The game gets its name from the fact that little flags are usually given to competitors to stick in the ground at the point from which their final shot is played.

The golfer who stakes his flag the farthest around the course is the winner.

Example: Your allotment is 30 strokes. You play the course until you hit your 30th shot, which, let's say, comes on the 6th fairway. That's where you plant your flag. If no other player's flag is planted beyond yours - say, on the 6th green, you are the winner. Maximum shots per hole is 8, once you play your 8th shot you pick up your ball and move to the next tee.

This is a great game for kids who are not ready to apply for their first handicap, each week they can try and beat the previous weeks game by advancing the ball further around the course.

Our flag golf starts on Monday 17th at 11am till 12.30pm and runs for 6 consecutive weeks.

Members are charged £2 per week and non members £5 (this includes the daily green fee)

Juniors under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

For more details and to register your interest telephone 71311496

Click here for more details on our child friendly tees.

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