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Nail Your Numbers


To maximize their scoring potential, Touring Professionals KNOW the yardages they hit the ball with every club in the bag. This makes it much easier for them to execute their game plans and allows them to be confident over each and every shot.

The Nail Your Numbers session will give you this knowledge. 


Using our GCQuad launch monitor, you can hit a series of shots with every club in your bag and the Foresight software will give you an accurate report on the average distance you hit carry each club and the gap between them. This data can then be used to plan your course strategies more effectively and also identify possible issues with the lofts on your clubs. So now when you look at the yardage on your GPS measuring device or you count off from the 165 - distance marker you know which club you need to hit for that shot.

The Gapping Session will be overseen by Sam who will  be on hand to suggest fixes if any issues arise with your yardages.

Bundle includes :

1 x 45/60 minute session (approx.)

Includes yardages for all clubs, print out of the data, review of data and recommendations on how to tighten up you numbers.


PRICE - £30 

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