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Putting Bundle


Tired of hitting the green and taking three or more putts? If so the putting bundle is exactly what you need.

The first step is to analysis your putting stroke using the state of the art Tomi Laser Putting Analyser . The Tomi system will analysis your stroke using lasers and give the following data :


Alignment at Address

Alignment at Impact

Path at ImpactThe TOMI Putter Analyser Stroke Path and Rotation


Shaft Angle

Impact Spot

Speed at impact

Swing tempo


We can then work out the imperfections in your putting stroke and get you making a more consistent and accurate stroke.

The final two sessions will be conducted on the putting green where we do some more work on your stroke, your distance control, green reading, and pre shot routine.


More info on the Tomi Putting System Click Here


Bundle includes :

1 x 45 mini session on the Tomi Putting System

2 x 30 minute lessons on the putting green


PRICE - £60 (saving of £10)

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