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Golf Access Program

Too many juniors sign up to golf programs or visit the range to hit balls, but never make it onto the course to play. As a result they give up on the sport before they even began. This is where things are going to change for my juniors, through the Golf Access program. 

Golf Access is a structured system for getting children/beginners onto the golf course in a fun way.  Coloured wristbands and certificates (poker chip ball markers for adults) are used to mark progress as players make their journey to gaining a golf handicap.

What is Golf Access?


The Golf Access program gives juniors the chance to learn while playing. They will learn about when to play a particular shot, about safe play, etiquette and rules, why pushing themselves to hit a target score.

The program has 9 different bands / levels for junior golfers to work through in Golf Access and a participant will progress to the next level as soon as they attain the band score or better. 
The participant can only move one level at a time after posting a score. All participants will start with the maroon coloured band.

When each level has been obtained, junior participants are presented with a new coloured wrist band and certificate as recognition of achieving the corresponding level.

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Rules / Course Setup:

When a participant has played 10 shots on any hole, they must pick the ball up and move to the next hole, marking a score of 10 on the card.


When a participant has played 3 shots in a bunker they can pick the ball up and place the ball to the side of the bunker, no nearer the hole.

The Golf Access course is set up with forward tees on the main course and events will be played from these forward tees.

The recommended par to yardage ratio for Par 3’s is under 150 yards, Par 4’s between 150-200 yards, and Par 5’s between 200-250 yards.​

Golf Access Bands


Three hole bands

Maroon - Start of their journey in the game
Amber - Score of 15-over-par for 3 holes
Aqua - Score of 13-over-par for 3 holes


Six hole bands

Navy - Score of 21-22-over-par for 6 holes
Violet - Score of 19-20-over-par for 6 holes
Scarlet - Score of 18-over-par or better for 6 holes


Nine hole bands

Charcoal - Score of 22-24-over-par for 9 holes
Emerald - Score of 19-21-over-par for 9 holes
Platinum - Score of 18-over-par or better for 9 holes

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