SNAG stands for - Starting New At Golf


This is my program for 4 to 8 year olds who are new to golf or are at the early stages of their golfing journey.

It’s a fun way to learn and play golf.


Colourful oversized clubs, soft balls and lots of different “sticky” targets, combine with my child friendly teaching methods and learning cues will accelerate skill development, providing early success and fun for all my Snagster groups. 


Each element of my SNAGSTERS program is designed to emulate the real game  (putting, chipping, pitching, full swing) while making it easier and more fun which makes it perfect fore children looking to start playing golf.


Each session includes lots of games and challenges, designed to keep each child captivated and fall in love with playing golf.


Remember children want to play games and have fun with friends, exactly what my Snagster program delivers.


For more info contact me on 71311496 or  message me via Social Media.

You can purchase the clubs I use in my Snagsters program from the Pro Shop.

Putter, wedges and tee mats are all priced at £20 each and available in 4 sizes.

Under 5 years - 5 to 7 years - 8 to 11 years - 12+ years

Pro Shop

City of Derry Golf Club

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